About La Terre

Lingerie that not only makes you feel beautiful, but reminds you. 

La Terre love letter label

Founded back in 2017, where we started off as an everyday clothing brand. We made the switched to lingerie back in 2020 during the pandemic. We found spending everyday, all day at home was becoming boring. It was a time where everyone was feeling hopeless and we wanted to bring a bit of joy and excitement back into life.  One of the first things you do in the morning ( aside from that much needed cup of coffee) is get dressed, we took a simple everyday activity like choosing your underwear and turned it into an exciting part of the day. Like they always say, Lingerie sets the mood for the day... 
We designed beautiful, yet practical and comfortable underthings for you to wear around the house. To encourage you to romanticise your life again and enjoy the challenging yet beautiful journey of self discovery and self love, because its the little things that make up a whole. 



La Terre is currently a one women show, and when I say "we" I mean La Terre, Me and of course YOU, because there wouldn't be a La Terre without our wonderful angels. 

All your beautiful underthings are lovingly handmade, from scratch in a small studio on the sunny South Coast shoreline in KZN. We do our utmost best to reduce our wastage, by creating limited items and quantities all made to order.  Meaning we don't keep items pre made in stock. This also allows us to create a custom size or a custom design. 


photographed by Hallelujah blue photography 


All our fabrics, packaging and details are sourced locally and ethically. We purchase most of our laces, elastics and notions from dead stock material. A bralette that's ethical and cute? Yes please! 

Once your item is made we finish it off perfectly with our signature gold tag, that is handstiched on proudly. 




Lots of love 
from us,
to you
La Terre