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Just opened the box now, everything is absolutely stunning!!!
you packaged it so beautifully inside,. Thanks so much for the gorgeous items
I tried the lingerie set and my robe on and they're gorgeous! Absolutely perfect for the big day. Will defs send you pics on the big day!


Google Review from Kim 

WOW!! Such an amazing experience purchasing such beautiful lingerie from this company. When opening up the package the goodies are packaged in their own little satin travel bags to keep them safe. I received free scrunches and scented pouches with dried roses or something that smells amazing! Oh and the pieces I bought, wow! I appreciate all the time and effort that was put into hand making every piece that I bought. Every detail is thought through, to the small pieces of lace, and the scalloped edges on the bottoms. Oh my word! I thank you for making such beautiful pieces. I will definitely be back to purchase more in the future ❤️ Please support this business



Hi! I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for my items. ugh, it's all just perfect & the care you put into it- you're AMAZING. I can't wait to try it all on 🥹🤍



Hi there, 

I just want to let you know that I am so impressed with my order. It’s beautiful and so comfortable.
Thank you for having it ready so quickly! 
Kind regards 


Holy moly am I excited about my items!! Beautifully made, unique, just for me. Adore the quality of it all too. I am saying thanks so much for accommodating my bigger size. 
- Ps thank you for the scrunchies! 



La Terre Intimates always delivers! I’ve ordered numerous times and each time I have absolutely loved everything I’ve bought. The material on the pieces I’ve bought was amazing and felt luxurious. The packaging was amazing and they pack a sweet gift with each order! After the incredibly kind and helpful service and product quality, I look forward to buying from them again💗

- Jesmika Singh

I got a custom design from you a while ago because I can't ever find lingerie in my size. It was amazing. You helped me understand options with fabric and which fabric would suit what better. The lingerie was made (very quickly) perfectly to my measurements and packaged beautifully. You deserve to keep up a thriving and growing business. PS I can't believe how well priced everything is considering it is slow and local fashion. No excuse for people to be supporting fast fashion when this is a local option available!

- Joanne Pitchers 

Jhoné, my daughter was super happy with her customized bridal satin & lace shorts and camisole set that you made for her. Working without accurate measurements to not ruin the surprise for her - the set fit her 100% perfectly. She loved the garter that you also custom made for her and decided to keep it to frame - that's how beautiful it is!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will only get my lingerie from you going forward!!!
- Rene' Mc Gibbon

Thank you so much for everything ! The packaging is so beautiful, and I just felt all the love as I opened it 😭💗 so so special ! Thank you for all the love and effort you put into my package, it fits perfectly !
- Kendyl Grace Seaton 

Dearest Jhone, you have no idea how excited i am. The feeling of buttery soft lace and so many attention to details. Your every suggesting to tailor making my lingerie was so thoughtful. Can't wait to meet you in person and take you out for coffee when you get to Cape Town. I haven't tried it on yet - but i will let you know as soon as i do! And thanks for wonderful note, scrunchie and beautiful satin bag. The whole package was absolutely perfect I know you went through so many hardship last couple of month - thank you for completing my order. Really appreciated

-Diana Geuma 


Your packaging is honestly the best ever! Thanks so much for my order 
- Larissa 

Hii again hun ❤️was really lovey meeting youu in the rush.
I absolutely love my purchase, just the presentation alone. Omggggg  absolutely in love and can't wait to make a proper purchase again soon.  thank you soo so much also for dropping off. And also thank you for the free scrunchie love it especially in my fav colour.
- Griselda
The packaging is AMAZING, and everything smells so good! I can't wait to try them on Thank you!!!
- Christine 

Thank you so much!! Oh man I felt so loved and special. Like it was my birthday The underwear is a perfect fit. It looks incredible thank you sm!

-Trisha Kalyan.

I just got the parcel! I am absolutely IN LOVE with the set fed fed set thank you so so much! It fits perfectly, is so comfortable and is such a flattering shape! And the colour is just gorgeous thank you!

- Kate

hey girl - I hope you good. so I'm sending out personal messages to a few people who have had an impact on my life this year and you're one of those people. I love what you're striving for through your business and I'm so proud of how far you've come throughout your whole journey and I just wanna say that you're gonna go so far as long as you keep your head up. having the opportunity of working with you and jess really boosted my confidence and self esteem up so so much. ever since, I've slowly started accepting my body how it is, I'm not as harsh on myself as i was myself and it was through those 4 hours that made that happen and although it may be not seem like such a big thing, it honestly meant so much to me so thank you again. I wish you nothing but the best for your journey forward

- Lindani 

Jhone, Sorry that I'm so late with this message but I just wanted to say thank you for my gorgeous gift! It fits perfectly and I'm so excited to wear it ! You are so talented and I hope your business grows each day! Truly appreciate it!

- Casandri

Just tried everything on, fits perfectly. Thank you so much for all the effect you put into the items as well as the packaging and free stuff, really is special. Really appreciate it, and you defs have the sizing right for DD bralette. Going to look at your Instagram page because I want to order some more

Hi Jhone

Absolutely IN LOVE with my Isabella set. fits like a glove The scrunchie is just so beautiful too and finishes off the set perfectly.. XOXOX

Hey there, I just picked up my package and tried everything on and…… I LOVE THEM! Thank you so much they are stunning and make me feel so confident count me in as a regular customer!

- Jords

Hi Jhoné just letting you know I received my package. As always everything is so stunning and fits perfect. I'm already planning my next order. 

- Bianca Beukes

I just collected my parcel and tried everything on, and I love it so much!! The love affair set is so beautiful and sexy! And the peony bralette is my absolute favourite can't wait to wear the silk PJs too! And thank you so much for the additional bralette and the scrunchies, I am in love with them. I Will definitely be recommending you to everyone!

Hi there I just wanted to say thank you; I went to collect the parcel today. The smell is just aromatherapy for the win. The items are stunners and I'm just holding back from trying them on at work, but I will try them on when I get home! Thank you for your efforts; COVID kills the wedding excitement just a lil bit and it's actually reminded me that I'm getting married this year thank you again

- Tylah Strauss

Ah I put it on like 3 days after I got it and it's so perfect, I'm so in love! I feel so beautiful and confident in it My mom also loved hers so much and it fit like a glove! Thank you so much You're an angel!!

- Salmah

Hi just wanted to let you know I've received the package and omg they are such a good quality I'm definitely purchasing again in the future.

- Amy Whittle


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